A visionary redevelopment project for 4-season tourism and a 360° experience

A new installation

A transport alternative integrated into the existing network, combining sustainability, safety and, above all, 4-season operation!

A new catering area

A complete overhaul of the existing restaurant to enhance comfort and showcase local produce.

New activities

A variety of seasonal activities for all generations, offering a wide range of possibilities and discoveries.

Many questions surround our exciting project. Explore them all on our dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page, specially designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the project and detailed information! We’ve put together the essential answers to give you a clear and comprehensive overview of our exciting initiative.

Project details

It’s a crucial project for the preservation of our region. Construction of the new gondola lift and renovation of the restaurant will ensure the long-term future of Télé Evolène for more than 40 years. With future generations in mind, consider the future of Evolène through this project and immerse yourself in the village of tomorrow:

Welcome aboard, rise, enjoy!


From Lannaz to Chemeuille, on current route

Long-term vision
Access to Chemeuille secured for over 30 years, paving the way for development.

Extended accessibility
Access suitable for families and people with reduced mobility.

Fluidity and speed
Travel time and number of towers divided by 3.

4 seasons
Enriching the year-round tourism offering.

Night-time openings
New evening activities available.

Reduced costsstrong
easy maintenance.

Comfort and a sense of security
Improved experience in all weathers.


Sit back, enjoy and admire!

A new catering area

Total renovation of the Restaurant de Chemeuille
Improved comfort for a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.

Promoting local products
Creation of a space dedicated to showcasing local and alpine products.
Enhance local farming activities in Chemeuille, Les Arpilles, La Vouasson, Arbey and Mandelon, creating an authentic link with the community and its traditions.

Exceptional location
A panoramic terrace with spectacular views.

Rallying point for outdoor activities
A one-stop shop for organizing and starting new adventures.

A well-known and recognized address
Extended opening periods, transforming the restaurant into a year-round destination, well beyond the ski season.

Possible transformation of the space to accommodate a variety of cultural and sporting activities.


Have fun, move, discover!


A 360° space for every generation, a unique experience every season!

Itinerary to the Pic d’Arzinol at 3000 m altitude.
Crossing the alpine pastures Chemeuille – Vendes – Mandelon | Mandelon – Méribé – Col de La Meina – Chemeuille | Chemeuille – Vouasson – Arbey

Agritourism activities
In the center of the Chemeuille mountain pasture for an authentic immersion in local rural life.

Evolving play area for children
Creation of fun, dynamic zones adapted to each season, in the heart of nature.

Renovation of the bisse de la Meina and the path leading to the foot of the La Vouasson Glacier, to offer hikers a complete immersion in unspoilt natural landscapes.

Sustainability of the ski area
Improving the offer during favorable periods and complementing the other sectors of the Espace Dent-Blanche.
Upgrade the Chemeuille-Lannaz downhill run by reducing the time taken to ascend it.
Highlighting the Arpilles sector and its fantastic setting facing the Vouasson Glacier.
Freeride in the heart of the mountain.

Development of winter hiking trails
Expand the range of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing activities available at 2100m altitude, to guarantee winter activities even when there is insufficient snow near our villages.


Télé Evolène