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Explore our detailed Frequently Asked Questions for clarification on key aspects of our project. We’ve compiled precise, informative answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the current status of the project? Is there still opposition?

Following the application for permission to build the gondola, 2 objections were lodged by the WWF and the Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation.

One of the reasons for the objection is that the current departure area for the chairlift (and future departure area for the gondola lift) is located outside the “skiable area” according to the current zoning plan for the commune of Evolène. A matter of a few meters.

The commune then put a modification to this plan out to public inquiry, and also faced two objections from the same associations.

The arguments of these two associations are :

  • No economic justification for the project (the business plan shows otherwise)
  • No planning (estate planning has since been completed).
  • Damage to nature and landscape (reduced impact by reducing the number of towers and removing cabins from use)
  • The ski area is in avalanche danger zone (gondola arrival moved out of danger zone (downstream of restaurant)).

These arguments don’t hold water, and are simply intended to cause the estate to close by delaying the implementation of the project. They make this clear in their opposition, in which they call on the commune to “close the Evolène and La Forclaz domains, and concentrate on the Arolla domain by creating a cable link between Les Haudères and Arolla”. This is impossible, as the project for a link between Les Haudères and Arolla has been abandoned by the canton, and the massive development of Arolla is also subject to the same risk of opposition.

The other concrete requests of the opponents are :

  • Study alternatives to winter tourism
  • Describe the facilities needed to develop 4-season tourism
  • To secure a financial footing for the project and demonstrate the popular will to safeguard this link between Lannaz and Chemeuille.

It is on these three elements that the Board of Directors is currently working, and in particular on the recapitalization that will enable us to demonstrate both the financial soundness of the project and popular and municipal support.

Who will decide whether pledges are sufficient to launch the project and prioritize the various parts of the development?

Télé Evolène’s General Meeting is the decision-making body when it comes to determining whether the amount pledged is sufficient to initiate processes and prioritize investments.

If the funds raised during the recapitalization period are not sufficient, what will happen?

The Administrative Board will step down and, logically, the municipality will have to take charge of the liquidation, end-of-operations management and, above all, dismantling and restoration of the sites, for an estimated cost (excluding site decontamination) of 3 million francs to be borne by the public authority (cf. Super St-Bernard case law).

How can I contribute and take part in this project?

You have two options:

  • Become a member of a Chemeuille club and contribute to the economic development of our region for the next 40 years.
  • Become an ambassador for the project by using your personal or professional network to find future club members.
Shouldn't we focus on a single ski area in the Evolène region?

It’s important to refocus the debate first! The project to replace the chairlift with a gondola is a cable transport project that can be operated in all 4 seasons.

The Board’s aim is not to chase the old dreams of the alpine skiing frenzy. The aim of the project is to provide comfortable access to a mountain pasture at 2100m altitude. Activities adapted to each season will enhance the area. What’s more, at this height, snowfall is likely to continue in the future (cf. Bolognesi).

A ropeway for the next 40 years will enhance the region’s tourism offering, complementing existing facilities.

Why invest in basic transport if the rest of the infrastructure doesn't follow?

In addition to all the possible developments following the installation of the gondola, the project also includes :

  • Restaurant renovation
  • Dismantling the existing chairlift
  • Technical and electronic upgrades to the 3 existing surface lifts.
What activities can the new infrastructure support?

A comfortable finish at 2100 m, on the Chemeuille mountain pasture, offers a 360° panorama accessible to everyone, especially those with reduced mobility. In addition to existing activities such as board sports and the restaurant, it will be possible to highlight :

  • The Chemeuille-Lannaz downhill run
  • The Arpilles sector offers an extraordinary freeride setting at the foot of the Vouasson Glacier.
  • Trails linking the Vouasson, Meina and Mandelon mountain pastures
  • Agritourism circuits linked to local produce and the Hérens breed
  • Revitalizing the Meina water channel.
  • Routes to the Pic d’Arzinol at 3000 m altitude

This project also aims to expand the range of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing activities available within the existing ski zone at 2100m, to guarantee winter activities even in the event of insufficient snow cover near our villages.

If I'm a homeowner in the region, how much will the value of my property drop?

Between 10% and 15%.

If the value of my land or my house is estimated at 1’000’000.-, the banks will devalue my property from CHF 100’000.- to CHF 150’000.-.

What's the latest on opposition to the project?

The main opposition to the projects comes from associations with environmental concerns. This project, which reduces the number of existing towers and follows the existing route, enables a mountain region protected from mass tourism to ensure its economic survival by refining 4-season tourism development. Here, we’re not aiming for development at any price, but rather to secure the economic spin-offs needed to maintain a large number of jobs. Our community has already done a great deal to protect nature. For example, 5 alluvial zones of national importance (Lotrey, Pramousse – Satarma, La Borgne upstream of Arolla, Saley and Ferpècle), 1 low marsh of national importance, landscape zones of national importance according to the IFP (Ferpècle valley, and the eastern half of the Arolla valley) have been delimited. To be able to enter into real negotiations with opponents, the financial feasibility of the project must be demonstrated. Thanks to your pledges of funds for this recapitalization, you are enabling the Evolène region to create a new impetus to unblock this situation. These financial arguments consolidate the viability of the project in a concrete way, enabling us to negotiate effectively with the current opponents, dispelling relative concerns and finally paving the way for its realization.

How does the project take into account the visual impact of new facilities on the landscape?

This project will reduce the number of towers on the line by a factor of 3. The finish station will be positioned just below the terrace of the Chemeuille restaurant to provide a 360° view.

In addition, the cabins will be removed every evening and during periods when the cable is not in use.

How does the project take into account the social and cultural aspects of the region?

The project promotes Alpine traditions and local products, creating an authentic link with the local community. Cultural and agritourism initiatives are planned to highlight the richness and know-how of the region, which is the cradle of the Hérens breed.

What are the specific projects to encourage 4-season agritourism activities?

Special events, agritourism tours and partnerships with local farmers will be developed to stimulate 4-season activities.

The partnership and the pedestrian link between the Chemeuille and Mandelon mountain pastures will be enhanced by developing the current “mountain pasture shuttle” service, which allows visitors to get to Mandelon in comfort. Organized tastings will showcase local products, with the chance to meet Hérens cows during the summer months.

Who can become a project ambassador?

Everyone is welcome on this adventure! To become an ambassador, all you have to do is share your enthusiasm for the project with those around you. You can fill in the ambassador form or contact us at to facilitate our exchanges.

If I fill in the promise to subscribe form, am I obliged to pay the promised amount?

No. The amount is a pledge with no legal obligation to honor it.

What impact will the project have on local businesses and accommodation?

After implementation, local businesses and accommodation will benefit from increased footfall, enabling them to survive. This will stimulate the local economy over the 4 seasons for 40 years, in a sustainable way.