Some key arguments:

Invest instead of endure!

Invest to maintain and develop the commune’s attractiveness for over 40 years, instead of having to foot a bill of at least 3 million francs to dismantle all the existing infrastructure on the Chemeuille estate.

Build a modern, comfortable, year-round facility, with operating costs estimated at just CHF 330,000 per year, including staff. Even without opening the ski area, or with a reduced ski season due to lack of snow, these costs could easily be covered by doubling the number of pedestrian ascents currently made in 3 summer months, over the whole year.

Control operating costs!

Adapting to climate change

Anticipate the difficulties associated with global warming and the absence of snow at 1500m by offering fast, safe and comfortable access to 2100m, so as to be able to offer all the winter activities that are essential in an alpine tourist region and a place to live like Evolène and the Haut Val d’Hérens.

Avoid endangering the Arolla and La Forclaz sectors. With the sudden closure of the Evolène slopes, the other two sectors would not be able to welcome all the region’s skiers in good conditions (catering, parking, etc.), particularly during the high season, when queues and overcrowding on the slopes would damage the good reputation of the entire Espace Dent-Blanche.

Preserving the quality of our winter welcome!

Consolidating property values

To avoid a devaluation of all the municipality’s real estate assets, estimated at between 10 and 15%. In fact, the presence or absence of tourist infrastructure and ski lifts is logically taken into account in bank valuations, particularly when calculating mortgages.

Give the necessary financial means and popular support to the Board of Directors and the Commune to negotiate in a more balanced way with the associations currently opposing the project and demanding the closure of the estate, and obtain the necessary authorizations to launch the works.

Demonstrate public interest in and support for the project to current opponents